THE NEW ORIGINALS (est. 2015 Amsterdam) makes performance clothing for creatives. We strive to make durable and long-lasting apparel that bring emphasis to one's individuality.

We believe that
by thinking out of the boxanyone, regardless of their background can find and flourish within their creative potential.

"Thinking out of the box" is defined by us as thinking divergent and free of boundaries. We aim to build bridges between different contexts and backgrounds while offering a platform for creativity.

The New Originals find their early beginnings in 2011, as a close group of friends running a blog to share and curate interest within fashion, design and music. TNO started making a name in Amsterdam's nightlife scene by hosting parties at its infamous venues under the pseudonym TNO SoundSystem. Officially founded in 2015 by Rizky Lasahido, Maru Asmellash and Eben Badu, TNO, has since then grown into a full fledged brand.


The 9-Dots logo represents a box, referring to an old riddle. The puzzle proposes the challenge to connect all 9-Dots with 4 straight lines. To solve this puzzle, all one requires to do is "Think out of the Box", this has become the motto and spirit under which we operate!

What else?

The basis is and remains of course clothing but our creativity reaches far beyond. As a brand, we are deeply rooted in Amsterdam's cultural landscape. Grounded in its many components and disciplines such as art, music, fashion, nightlife and other areas of creative expression.

Our curriculum vitae runs deep. Besides the numerous collaborations with creatives, artists and musicians you may know us from our partnerships with cultural organisations and museums or whipping up and serving our own milkshakes as TNO Milkshake Farmers or of our own yearly music festival with our close friends Smib for SMIB X TNO Fest.