The famous ‘CREATIVES ARE THE NEW ATHLETES’ is replaced by ‘BIGIN FU WAKA, A NO LON’. This means that the beginning of walking is not running. You should not run too fast if you want to reach your goal. All beginnings are difficult.


The TNO x Gowtu Tee release took place on 17th of February in our own flagship store. This tee shows the TNO and Gowtu logo on the front. Bingin fu Waka, a no lon is printed on the back. Accompanied by Jack Daniels, laughter and chosen family and locals. A party in Surinamese style in which we also exhibited the campaign images. The TNO x Gowtu Tee is only available in the store and until the very limited supply lasts. Credits: @cold.captures.  



For the campaign the Gowtu team traveled far inland to Suriname. Several entrepreneurs, creatives and local heroes were captured wearing the TNO x Gowtu Tee. Moments were captured you would not see in The Netherlands such as individuals selling fish on the streets and building boats. This way, we were able to create a good representation of Surinamese society and its culture. We were able to capture how communities interact in different environments.



Art director & photography - Meredith Joeroeja | @meredithjoeroeja
Creative process - Maru Asmellash | @maruwga
Creative process & production - Gianny Emanuel | @jefthage
Project manager & creative process - Tyra Koning | @tyra.koning