For this Fall Winter'20 editorial, we met up with the creative collective: MOM, in Antwerp. To get to know the collective better we asked the members some questions: 

How did you start with MOM? 

BrunoMOM started with hosting events, parties and creative ideas. Concepts that were different than the 'standard' ones within the nightlife didn't have a name yet. That's how I got to the name; MOM, it's short for: "Mind Of Mars", with this name I wanted to share my universe with the world. Recently I've changed the name to: "Mind Of Many" since it's not only about me anymore but about all the people who are involved with MOM and get pleasure out of it. It's not a 'me-story' anymore, but a story about every one of us and our surroundings. 

Adem: I joined after six months, it first started with helping and supporting small projects. That's how I got further to this point. 

Kelly: When I moved to Antwerp, I knew nobody. Through the nightlife, I've got to know a lot of people, also MOM. Bruno had a lot of ideas and we helped him to realize these ideas, everything went very natural. 

Michelle: Through Kelly, I got to know the group, I later on joined. In the beginning, I made cover artworks and later on I also started making them for socials and events. And that's how I became more and more part of the group. 

Derrick: I started at MOM as a friend that just wanted to help out with small needs, like the ticket sale at events. Over time this grew out to the position where I am at now. 

What is your job within MOM and what keeps you busy?

Bruno: They call me the founder and yes indeed I'm the founder of Mind Of Mars. But we are together the founders of Mind of Many. Next to that, I'm busy with creative direction, that means I come up with creative ideas and concepts. So we can work from there as a team and create something we all agree on. 

Michelle: I have different roles within MOM, for example, if we host an event I help backstage to make sure everything will work out. Also as I told before, I make the artworks and I'm also working on the MOM website that will be launched in 2021. Next to MOM I'm busy with UX/UI design and I'm a front end developer to be. 

Adem: I'm more an allrounder but my focus is to help with organizing events and supporting artists. Next to this, I'm a DJ, so that also a big part of what I'm doing for MOM. 

Kelly: I'm a photographer so I'm responsible for all the pictures; at parties, but also editorials and different kinds of content. Next to this, everybody can reach me for a good brainstorm session or second opinion idea. 

Derrick: As you may hear from the rest of the team, I'm also not only doing one thing. But mainly I'm a musical artist and at the same time, I also give accompaniment to our youngest artists.

Where do you get inspiration from? 

Bruno: My surroundings, the people I met and the new worlds I keep on discovering.

Adem: My inspiration comes from American Hip-hop and the Uk Grime scene. I'm always on the hunt for new music and clothing styles within those scenes. 

Michelle: I get a lot of inspiration and energy from my friends. The people around me are always busy with different projects, when I see them working, I immediately get the energy to also do something. The good thing is that they're always will be there for me and that I can learn a lot from their feedback. 

Kelly: Documentaries and movies are my main inspiration. While watching them a lot of ideas pop up in my head and I get excited to start on something immediately. Hanging out and having conversations with friends are also a big source of inspiration, I'm the most productive when I'm feeling good. 

Derrick: One thing that inspired me these days is the concept of; 'Blending Borders'. With this we want to strive to unity, for example, this collaboration between MOM x TNO is the ultimate example of that. But it's also a concept that shows that they're no limits in our creative process. 

Which collaboration did you felt the proudest of?

Bruno: I'm proud of every collaboration that I've could realize with my friends. But to be specific, I'm most proud of the collaboration we had with Zwangere Guy, within this project I got a lot of creative freedom with creating the content of the merch of his album: 'Brutaal'. 

Adem: Every collaboration we have done so far are unique themselves. But the 2-year-anniversary was one of the bests, cause we involved a lot of artists in our pre-party. And when the actual party started, it became one of the best we ever hosted. 

Michelle: I'm the proudest of MOM Explores, this was a collaboration with MOM and Arenberg. MOM Explores is a concept to give new talents a stage in the Arenberg. The first edition was on the 21st of February, Yung Nnelg performed and Black Mamba was spinning. It was very nice to see my visuals in the background and I was a backstage manager for the first time. Unfortunately, this was also the only edition we could do due to the lockdown in Belgium. 

Kelly: I always get a blackout when somebody asks me this, suddenly I forgot what I have done in my life. But I think I'm the proudest of the collaboration with @wwwordworthy for the last event we have done with MOM. It was a small exposition where we showed pictures combined with graphic quotes. 

Derrick: The thing that still sticks with me is our First Anniversary event. This was also a perfect example of 'blending borders and unity'. There were artists and DJ's from Belgium and The Netherlands, the same with the audience. Different cultures came together to let go of everything and to celebrate life. Events like this give me an ultimate rush. 


Who would be your dream collaboration?

Bruno: That's a hard question, there are many people and brands that I look up to, and I get to know new ones every day. Making a campaign for one of my favourite brands: "Arte", would be an honour to make.

Adem: I can't think of someone in particular, but I'm very excited about our collaborations we have planned for the future. 

Michelle: Every person who I can work with well and can help with my skills. That's most important for me. 

Kelly: Nike is kind of a holy grail, but in general I'm open for everybody who has nice vibes and good ideas. 

Derrick: If I can be honest, there is not one particular brand or person that I want to work with. For me, the end product that comes out of the collaboration is more important. But I would love to support Black-Owned businesses, to create something together and build a legacy within society together. 

What do you hope to achieve as a collective?

Bruno: Be able to live from it and work on MOM full-time with my friends. 

Adem: We want to become a holding name in the scene, in and Belgium but also in the Netherlands. And keep on pushing what we push as a collective, this way we can be the best version of ourselves and the collective. 

Michelle: To expand our community and create awareness on the topics we find important as a team. 

Kelly: Having a good time, a lot of laughs and of course a lot of dope shoots and events. 

Derrick: Community. We're real big on community, in my opinion, that's the best way to do manifest good business with people. To create an atmosphere where people can be guided on every aspect of life. 

Which message would you like to give to the next generation?

Bruno: Everybody got their moment, it's only a matter of time. Do your own thing and don't look at other too much, keep on grinding. 

Adem: Never let somebody tell you what you can or can not do! Level up every day!

Michelle: You have to believe in yourself, it's important to focus on your goals and that you remember that you can achieve anything you want. You can only change the world starting with yourself. Celebrate and stand still with all your achievements, but also pay attention to the moments where it's not going so well. These were the most important learning moments for me, stay positive and do you! 

Kelly: Have fun, not everything needs to be so serious and precise. Go with the flow and do what you like. 

Derrick: Our generation got the power to bring substantial change in the world we live in now. With that I mean, we've been through the best of both worlds: pre-social media and the social media era. We should take advantage of that. 

And for the next generation: follow your dreams, nothing can honestly stop you if you're working hard enough to achieve your goals. Stay blessed, stay great!