Meet the creatives. Say hi to Bao G, the energetic DJ that speaks her feelings through her music. 

Hi Bao! Can you tell us something about yourself? 

Hi there! My name is Bao G, or as most people know me, Bao Gucci. I just love the word Gucci. I don’t necessarily mean the brand, but just the way it rolls off your tongue. So Bao Gucci it is. I am a DJ, or how I like to  say it, I am a creative that’s working with music. Next to music I am working in a jewellery store. Since the outbreak of corona I spend my days making mixtapes and playing on a radio show curated by Sumibu. I go to the studio at least once a week and am always busy creating new things. It has to be as authentic as possible, as I am tired of playing the mainstream.

Can you tell us something about being your experience in the music industry?
Most of the time I feel like people are looking at me rather than at my music. Like yes, I am female and yes, I am a DJ. I’d like them to stop talking about the fact that I am a female artist and to start really listening to my music. I believe women can be a big part in making this change. Together we can make sure that there are more women included in the line-ups. We should just support each other. 

How did you get into music?
I was always interested in music, but when I was 18 and quit my studies, I directed my full focus to it. My mom told me that school wasn’t for me and I am happy that she did. I can develop my creativity by myself or just follow a course online. Though, of course, if you want to focus on a specific profession, you should study. After I quit school, I finally had the time to fully focus on developing my creativity towards my interests. I took this freedom to shape myself and to become someone I can be proud of. I found myself doing this through music. 

What genre do you play and is there anything specific you want to tell your listeners through your sets?
I wouldn’t limit myself to a genre but can say that I mainly use hiphop and trap, to express myself. Most DJ’s just play to satisfy their audience, but that’s not me. I want to show my audience the things I believe are dope. So, all my sets are linked to my mood and come with a storyline. For example, today I would play stronger songs as I feel empowered. But on other days my set can exist of more soft songs. 

What has been your most valuable project so far?
I’m grateful for every project and every stage I’ve been on. No matter where they bring me, I am always myself and show the audience who Bao Gucci is. But I must say I love playing festivals such as Lowlands and Woohah. In the future I hope to play abroad, maybe in Asia or New York. New York definitely makes me feel at home.

Where do you see yourself in the future? 

In the future I want to keep on creating things. Maybe I can throw my own parties or create my own line of jewellery. I’m literally open to anything, but people have definitely not heard the last of Bao G. 

What would you like to change within the creative industry?
The creative industry is looking at appearance rather than talent at the moment and I’d like to see a change in this. For example, social media. I never spent too much time online, but now we need “a following”. Does it even matter what you’re doing in real-life? I think that we should look at talent and passion rather than appearance, gender or gossip. We are missing out on great creatives because of this. 

What advice would you give to women with the same ambitions as yours?
Stop giving a fuck. Your own dreams matter more than the life someone else has planned for you. If people really love you, they will support yo. Next to that, I believe that you receive what you give. So, make sure that you don’t give life to things you don’t want to get back from. Stay positive and positivity will come to you. 

Models: Agnes, Luna & Bao
Styling Luna + Bao by Nelson van Pelt