Dear friend, 

You are warmly invited to join us on the 27th for our first collaborative event with IDFA!

IDFA Meets is an event series programmed for a new generation of documentary film lovers. Taking place both during the festival and throughout the year, IDFA Meets is curated in collaboration with different partners throughout the city.

As a brand that revolves around creatives and their stories, it was only a matter of time before we teamed up. Documentary making is one of the best ways to tell a story and we find it important —now more than ever— to share the stories around us, that inspire us or express an urgency.


This evening revolves around questions of identity, expectations, and daring to dream big, through two films that introduce us to young, unique women who are agents of their own existence, shaping the world around them as they move through it. Their vibrant and fluid personalities provide a sense of freedom, but also bring up questions about belonging and identity.

Together with Eben Badu and filmmakers Louise Mootz (Jungle) and Aramis Garcia Gonzalez (Pariba) we will engage into conversation about a longing for home, while still searching for what ‘home’ really is. The conversation will be moderated by Fatima Warsame. Music provided by Toto Boroto

*Due to Covid-19 regulations the event will take place online through a livestream* 

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Jungle (2020)

This portrait of several young women living in northeast Paris vigorously pushes aside the clichéd image of the ever-elegant Parisienne. These women are free, loud, and diverse, and their conversations shift effortlessly from sex and STIs to social philosophy.

Dünya, Lila, Héloise, Bonnie and Solveig bristle with confidence and bluster, on the cusp of a new phase in life: “Do I want to go to university or follow my dream in music?” “Shall I stay with my boyfriend?” “Am I at last going to be able to live on my own?”

Pariba (2019)

For years, the two friends Xiomara and Julie have been celebrating carnival together, but this year is different. Xiomara will move from Aruba to the Netherlands, so this ritual will never be the same again.

Like every year, the friends Julie and Xiomara celebrate carnival together. The day is filled with their regular rituals, but it slowly dawns on Julie she will have to miss Xiomara next year, since she will move from Aruba to the Netherlands. The girls will never see each other anymore like they do now. The melancholy film tells the story of hundreds of students who annually leave the ABC islands for a study in the Netherlands. This means they leave behind everything and everybody to start a new life in a strange environment.