Introducing.. The New Originals Jazz Club! 100 years after the roaring twenties, we are entering the roaring twenties of this century. A rowdy, steamy and music-filled night with friends and family—a celebration of our new collection as well as an ode to the jazz age, brought to life by talented director Aramis Garcia Gonzalez.

In this new collection, you’ll find several thematic pieces as well as a continuation of our exploration into knitwear. Innovation on classics, what’s in a name?



Abnet Tujo @abnettujo
Agnes Montecinos Muñoz @agnesmontecinos
Arindy Melati @arindymelati
Austine Osayi Osawe Turay @theedoprince
Benny Hunna @bnnyhunna
Christiana Ajagbe
David Grutter@davidgrutter
Derrick De Getrouwe
Eben Badu @ebenbadu
Elba Van Den Heuvel @elbavdh
Emmanuel Afriyie (ELS) @els_drumsofficial
Godsend Okoobo @godsendo
Levi Emmanuël Wattimena @l.evi
Luna Freddie @lunafreddie
Marnix @marnixbor
Nelson Van Pelt @nelsonvpelt
Nkuella Alexander @ella.alexx
Nodda @1nodda_
Rizky Lasahido @rizkyl
Kogob Welde Selasi

Saskia Nartey
Zoe Love Smith @zoelovesmith


Director: Aramis Garcia Gonzalez @aramisgarciagonzalez
Camera: Fernando Barrientos @fernando_barrientosdop
Productie: Heat @heatxheat
AC: Martin van Drunen @martinvdrunen1ac
Gaffer: Ralph Schoonenboom @ralphschoonenboom
Edit: Fernando Barrientos @fernando_barrientosdop
Grading: Fernando Barrientos @fernando_barrientosdop
Sounddesign: Freek Vrijhof
Gear: Cam-a-lot @camalotamsterdam

Styling: Faou Biera @faoubiera
Styling Assistant 1: Soraya Gunning @sorayagunning

Styling Assistant 2: Fainelly Poulina @fxpoulina

Shoes: Dechase
Costume: The Makeover Factory

Jewelry: Cristel Ball

HMA: Cynthia Schippers @ceschippers
HMA Assistant 1: Anh Ngoc Nguyen @anhnguyaen
HMA Assistant 2: Clayton Leslie @claytonleslie

Music: Benjamin Herman - One for Guidi
Music supervision by Rachel Tauwnaar, Sizzer Amsterdam

Catering by tante Nel 🍲

Locatie: Zonnehuis | Stadsherstel