We love to present to you our Campaign of Spring/Summer 21: Brain Games. A themed collection shining light on the magical world of brain games. The notion of thinking out of the box encourages one to explore and experiment, take risks and engage with the serendipitous/unpredictable. Play is a crucial element of creativity, we invite you to explore this concept through our new collection.

Creative direction & photography: Iris Haverkamp Begemann (@irishaverkampbegemann)
Styling: Lisa Anne Stuyfzand (@lisa_anne_stuyfzand)
Producer: Lion Kojo (@lionblk)
Brand producer: Maru Asmellash (@maruwga)
Photographer assistent: Christopher de Gast & Samuel King (@christopherdegroot) (@samueljamesking)
Styling assistent: Anne Lynn Loois (@annalynnloois)
MUAH: Romy Legger @ House of Orange (@romy_legger)
Models: Isha, Mehdi, Lyiapo, Gia, Zoë, Maha (@phantom.wizard) (@mmehdiraji) (@giatinh) (@zoelovesmith) (@mahaeljak)