In light of our 5 year anniversary we have a series of exciting collaborations coming up this year.

First up: Foot Locker!

More than excited to have this collaboration happen! 

Foot Locker invited us to give our take on their iconic Foot Locker Striper Jersey. Our vibrant redesign of the archetypal jersey embodies the excitement our brand strives to convey within its vision! Think out of the Box.


Foot Locker Europe, in partnership with Highsnobiety, announced a new series of collaborations with young creatives across Europe. The aim of this initiative is to give a platform and voice to upcoming designers that drive our cultural zeitgeist from the grassroots up. We’re the first ones up to bat.



In light of this collaboration, Foot Locker & Highsnobiety paid us a visit at our homebase in Amsterdam to do an interview and an editorial with our very own Eben & Kogob and portray a day spent with The New Originals. We talk stores, friends, creativity and business.

read here!

The jersey is available at the infamous Foot Locker Kalverstraat store in Amsterdam and at Foot Locker’s webshop throughout Europe.

Shop the jersey here.



Photography - Bram Romkes @brambybram

Assistent Photography - Isa Beau Tseng @isabeautseng

Styling - Nelson van Pelt @nelsonvpelt

Assistent Styling - Julius Obertop @yungyuul

MUA - Yasmin Altagracia Arion @yasbeautynl

Set Design - Flo Hoeke / Own Space Studio @ownspacestudio @flohoeke