For this video Lucas Huikeshoven from Geur-TV looked back to his tv memories when he was a kid.

As TNO makes performance clothing for creatives, the idea came to visualise the goal of the company by letting the well known Nine Dots encounter 2 bored dutch farmer-boys.

They receive a certain creative power that helps them to look behind the borders of there familiair life just like the tv shows from the past did to us. The performance is done by the dutch rapper Abel who is previewing a track from his next album. Credits: Directed by Lucas Huikeshoven,

First Ad.

Noa Kaya van Loon, D.O.P. Sam Broekman, Art Direction David de Lange, Camera Ahmed Barakat, Camera Ass. Jason Barnhoorn, Best Girl Nina Kleinstra, Best Boy Andrea Raffaelli, Sound Recordist Melissa Opti, Sound Design Dion van Velzen, VFX Pieter Schillemans, Logo Animation Volkan Baysan, Music Abel “Buiten”, Equipment Cam/Light Unit, Location De Stadshoeve,Catering Pauline van Duren