Nine unique Individuals came together to showcase their skills and collaborate in movement.

The concept originated from quarantine restrictions, which required people to keep 1.5 distance. These rules were enforced in public spaces, such as parks. Soon it became a norm to see circles on the ground to ensure the distance was kept.

The inspiration came from transforming this limit to a playing field of other opportunities, which is now called the 9 moving dots. The message is not to dwell in points of hardship especially in times like this. Instead, be open-minded to what these hard times can bring. Creatives are the new athletes.

Music by: @najimjansen

DOP: @dnzl.mohlmann


@creepshu @jesseystol @Naomirachl @lucderaad @leetheruggeds @nataly_milena @mosey_mozz @tamararobledooud @shinshan.09

Creative Direction & movement Direction: @jinkojoshu