We are happy to announce our collaborative project with musical force Amartey. 
As TNO and Amartey, we have been friends over a period of a long time. Because of TNO's mission statement: making performance clothing for creatives, and Amartey's refreshing, energizing and unique sound in Amsterdam, we have worked together on projects as TNO Paris FW Party, Museumnight @ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, our very own SMIB x TNO Fest w/ Amartey playing live.
In his music, he tells a story, a story of bringing people together, and his personal journey as a 'young boy from the streets', raised in Amsterdam. 
On the road to this collaboration, we worked together with documentary maker Safi Graauw to translate the story of Amartey into a short film. The story about a young Ghanian diaspora, receiving a lot of love from his creative surroundings but faces the difficulties of being in Amsterdam's creative industry. 


Director & D.O.P: Safi Graauw
2nd Director & D.O.P: Robbert Doelwijt Jr.
Styling: Joaquim Vos

Special thanks to:
Martha (Mom)