Our latest editorial is shot by talented photographer Alassan Diawara, highlighting several styles from our new drop 🎶📸

Our latest drop consists of classic knitwear pieces and a further exploration of denim styles as we expand our collection. đź’­

ABOUT đź“ś
Alassan Diawara works at the crossroads of many different genres within photography. His work however always has an intriguing sense of intimacy. This shoot takes notes from the rich history of West-African portrait photography which emerged in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, yet offering a contemporary gaze on it.

Photography & Art Direction : Alassan Diawara @alassan_diaw
Styling : Ewa Kluczenko @ekluczenko
Models : Jessy Boïté & Tisha Ndamvu @js.94s & @tyshancampbell
Special Thanks to Cabé Cabé for the vegetable dyed fabrics @_cabecabe_