Editorial by Thijs Rebel & Emile Almekinders

Our latest Editorial is shot and styled by duo Thijs Rebel en Emile Almekinders. The two have worked on multiple campaigns, and now for the first time an editorial shoot. They shot the recent dropped Secundi.

Thijs has been variating with different camera techniques and methods. This time the photographer used the first 3-D camera, the Nimslo 3D camera (1980). Read below about this editorial, story by Thijs.

Story by Thijs Rebel: 

For this editorial I used a Nimslo 3d camera from the 80’s that I imported from England. This was the first consumer level 3-D camera ever. The camera has a fixed focus and automatic exposure making it easy to take a picture but hard to vary on exposure options. 

This camera uses four lenses instead of one. By using these lenses, four images from slightly different viewing angles were taken simultaneously. Every lens on the camera produces a half frame photo, this means that a original film roll of 36 photo’s will allow you to take 18 pictures.

After the development I scanned the pictures and lined them up in Photoshop in the right order. By using the line up form  ‘1-2-3-4-3-2’, I created a looping image. The different angles and the looping creates the idea that there is depth in the image. 

Photography and story by Thijs Rebel

 Styling by Emile Almekinders

 Modeling by Jip Beers and Mees Groot