Our CATNA line stands for ‘Creatives Are The New Athletes’, as we believe in the innovative power of creatives, this slogan grows stronger each day. In the short film, we highlight creative: Safae. She’s an Amsterdam based painter and model. We see her working on her painting in the forest. She starts running when suddenly the forest changes and Safae runs in her own world filled with her art. 
The short film is a visual interpretation of how sports and creativity resonate with one another. During the making of the film, different creators were assembled from various creative backgrounds to search for an original way to approach the message.
With this short film, we want to highlight the metaphor: the effort Safae puts in running, it’s the same effort she puts in when painting. Creatives and Athletes almost make the same effort while reaching their goals. We used conceptual and visual features, this adds an innovative touch to the video. 


Production company: @hello.mr.frank
Cast: @arulled
Executive producer: @_ohmiguel_
Line producer: @merelblom
Art director & styling: @suzekuit
Componist & sound design: @audentity
Colorist: @rubenlabree