We as TNO created a kite together with MASOHI in which we want to motivate hidden musical talents, express their talent. A project that stands for respect, solidarity, creativity and most important: helping each other in any form. (meaning MASOHI). The kite symbolizes the talent that we want to fly so that they can see what opportunities there are outside “De Wijk”. 

For people who are familiar with Moluccan living rooms, everyone knows that there is almost in each, an instrument present. This instrument is played by almost the whole family. But there is always one that stands out. Once he or she plays the instrument, the whole living room is enjoying it. Something magical happens. They are known as the greatest talents of De Wijk.

Yet there is something stopping them from going out to act. Is it modesty, not knowing where to start or just don't have the tools? No one knows, but everyone hopes that they will fly one day. Fly like the kites you used to see in the Moluccan neighborhoods flying around. High, beautiful, proud and looking out over De Wijk that they represent. For this reason, every.wav and sosodality started a writers camp last year, which is called MASOHI.



Director & Editor: @weetjewaarmorris
D.O.P.: @tobiasvandaal
Production: @kevinjosias
Grading: @kleurlokaal
Gear: @cinesupply
Music: @akasiroj
BTS pictures: @yeraysabandar