The first drop of our SS20 Collection is now available! You can find the items here, or in the Zeedijk60 Store. The first editorial is shot by photographer Fauve Bouwman. We were wondering how Fauve became a photographer, so we decided to ask her some questions. 
Read the interview here:

Profile: Fauve Bouwman - 28 - Amsterdam, born and raised in The Hague 

It all started when I was a kid, my father works in the art scene. You can even find ‘art’ in my name: Fauve, inspired by the colorful painter’s flow fauvism. When I got older, I applied for the Photography Academy in Amsterdam, right after my study I went traveling, this is already three years ago. That’s when everything started, and now I’m still working as a full-time photographer.. working on exciting projects!
I would describe my photography style as free, playful, natural, and colorful. There isn’t a clear message behind my work, I mostly work by what I’m feeling. When people see my work, I want them to create their interpretations. Most of my pictures are made with natural light. My pictures aren’t slick, that’s why I don’t Photoshop my pictures, everything needs to feel real.
"Inspiration is everywhere for me, for this editorial it all started at my parent’s house. Because of the virus, I stayed in their house to make my head clear again and surround myself in a new environment. There is this huge statue a few minutes away from the house, I didn’t know what it was. The statute is very abstract and has red and white in it. This fitted perfectly with the Midfield pants and Multi-Pocket Jacket set. And from there the editorial was made. 
Every project is different, my agency is Sticky Stuff, sometimes I need to meet my clients abroad, sometimes we have meetings over zoom calls. I’m never in the same situation and that’s what makes my work so fun and challenging. The team and the vibe on set can make it or break it for me when the team is kind and you can laugh all day. It doesn’t even feel like work anymore. It’s always a plus when shoots are on outstanding locations." 
"When we went to Cuba for example, it was very confronting to see so much poverty, we saw the ‘real’ Cuba. We went to some local houses, all of them looked like they were going to collapse. The trip really impressed me and also got me a bit lost when I went home. I also experienced the total opposite: A trip through Italy on a yacht, everything was super deluxe and over the top. To me Tokyo is the best city ever, Japanese people are very sweet, clean, creative, and hard-working. But if I had to choose, Amsterdam is my number one for sure. Amsterdam is just really “Cozy”, but I love nature, my ultimate dream house would be a farm in the city center of Amsterdam.
And for every creative out there: you have to believe in yourself even if everyone gives their opinion. And if everybody moves to the right, just go left. In the end, if you’re not believing yourself, nobody else will. You’re your own number one, always, “