We teamed up with OSCAM because of our shared interest to blend and give back to communities. Together we created the OSCAM x TNO Chess because we believe that chess can function as a universal language.

The chess set is seen first at the Business Campus from HvA until march 2021 as part of an exhibition. The theme of this exhibition is ‘good citizenship’. As an act of good citizenship, In this match, instead of ‘attacking’ and ‘hitting’ chess pieces, imagine that you have to prove to your opponent that you have the best strategy focused on an active approach to ‘accept’ the chess pieces and ‘win’ mutual respect.

Here you can check the video interview with Eben Badu and HVA: 

Due to COVID-19 and the measures, it is not possible to see the set right now but we won’t leave you with empty hands. Later this week, we will give you something to play with.

More about the exhibition and the set on @oscamonline and oscam.nl.

Curator and project by: @marianduff
3D print: @3dnextlevel
Photography: @les_adu
Production: @mommycallsmemai