We would love to present our latest commercial with Sticky Stuff Agency and director Joost van Deijzen

'DIVERSION' encourages us to think and more outside of the box, mainly we now have fewer diversions and distractions and more time than ever. 'DIVERSION' shows examples of how this unique time in history affects the creative mind and how it prevails. It celebrates creativity in and outside the individual.


 Client: The New Originals (@theneworiginals)

Production: Sticky Stuff Agency (@stickystuffagency)
Written and directed by: Joost van Deijzen (@joost_van_deijzen)
AD: Joost Biesheuvel (@joostbiesheuvel)
DOP: Levien Priem (@le_vieno)
1st AC / Loader: Boyd Bakema (@boyd_bakema)
Gaffer: Jordy Tempelman & Abel Berghuizen (@qmplx @abelberghuizen)
Art direction: Imre van Schooneveld (@imrefrannie)
Editor: Stan Vriend (@dirtyhoofd)
Sound design & composing: Danny van der Lugt (@dannyvdlugt)
Voice over: Bishop Robert Barron
Colorist: Bram Baas (@baas.bram)
Camera Facility: Camera Rentals (@camera.rentals.amsterdam)
Light Facility: Lites (@litescamera)
Locations: Het Hem & Hotel Arena (@hethemnl @hotelarena)
Mairo Nawaz, Mila van der Linden, Raven Artson, Ki/Ki, Yung Nnelg, Jero Leeflang, Jermaine Boasman, Isa Grutter, Danny van der Lugt