This week @supersonicjazz 6th edition is taking place, and we are happy to be part once again. 🎷

We are programming multiple jam sessions with our friends, on the following dates:

🗓 Wednesday 16 Nov:
Super Sonic Jam w/ Els Di Incredible, Bnnyhunna and Junya

🗓 Friday 18 Nov:
#1 Adulis ‘Ethiopean jazz and Eritrean traditionals' following Oscar Jan Hoogland's Minute Made Music
#2 Glasshelder

🗓 Saturday 19 Nov:
#1 Peter Somuah Jam Session
#2 ‘Free Music Session’ with Phantom Wizard

@els_drumsofficial @bnnyhunna @juniorappiah @oscarjanhoogland @glasshelder @peter_somuah @phantom.wizard
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