As a brand revolving around creativity we’re always excited to see other young creatives make noise. KI/KI, a notable young artist/DJ from Amsterdam has been kicking up dust in the techno scene for quite a while now. She's one of Amsterdam's fastest rising talents, shaking up dance floors, nationwide as well as internationally, leaving no stones unturned.

Rapidly manifesting herself as a household name in the local scene, she played sets at Lowlands and is a resident at the SPIELRAUM nights.

Her fast and strong electronic sounds have set the tone of a new generation's nightlife. 'Not For Sleeping' is a collaborative project, where the forces of KI/KI and TNO join.

The aim of the capsule collection is to create the essentials of nightlife performance wear. The collab consists of a long sleeve with the 'Not For Sleeping' graphic, including Freddy on the back print, a TNO, and KI/KI graphic on the front. The long sleeves come in the colourway Lilac and Brown. Additionally the collection includes a towel to stay cozy and/or dry off.

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Photographer: Sven Bijma @seniortwink
Art Direction: Dominique van Rhee @dominiquevrhee
M.U.A.: Iraj Raghosing @irajraghosing
Styling: Laure Dirven @lautshh
Models: Bobby de Lange @bobbylarose, Kiki Wesselo , Sarkawt Hamad @sarkawthamad, Troy Mooijekind @hairbyn0body