This Fall/Winter strenghts are combined with the talented Amsterdam photographer Kwabena Appiah-Nti. Born and Raised in the Netherlands, Kwabena is known for his analog-vintage aesthetic. 
Our latest collection draws inspiration from 80's leisure wear, and 70's sports clothing. The overall concept of this editorial follows this inspiration with a nostalgic look and feel. Youp Wephnes retouched the images shot by Kwabena and completed the serie with graphics.
The Testudo Sweatsuits are available in the webshop and selected retailers. Find all available sizes in the webshop. 
Photographer: Kwabena Appiah-Nti
Styling: Anne Chalou & Britta Flinterman
Retoucher: Youp Wephnes
Model: Jan Dirk, Kelvin & Cheyanne Hudson